Chance Pharmaceuticals is a dynamic and fast growing biotech company. We are focusing on research,

development and commercialization of inhalation products based on our 2 proprietary technology platforms

covering powder formulation and inhaler design

Advanced micronization and blending technology and state of art engineered particle formation technology are employed to reach most optimal lung deposition.

Particle deposition in respiratory tract mainly dominated by its aerodynamic diameter where density and size of particle plays an important role. How to deliver pharmaceutical active molecules to deep lung and how to avoid those lucky molecules to be taken by macrophages are two key questions to treat systematic diseases by inhalation therapy. Engineered particles can be made by various particle technologies to alter its density, surface roughness and particle size to maximize deposition in deep lung.

Sufficient energy is needed to deagglomerate and disperse particles from bulk formulation powder. Large and porous particles are easy to disperse and penetrate to deep lung for systematic indications. Meanwhile, more energy is needed for small and dense particles to disperse and to reach deep lung.

By employing the numerical simulation technology, the dispersion and deposition performance of formulation powders are well analyzed and evaluated for lead formulation screen and identification.