Chance Pharmaceuticals is a dynamic and fast growing biotech company. We are focusing on research,

development and commercialization of inhalation products based on our 2 proprietary technology platforms

covering powder formulation and inhaler design

One of the key points for inhaler design is how to use energy from users' inhalation optimally to disperse bulk powder and to deliver particles to the lung, powder properties, the users' inhalation maneuver, clinical setting as well as inhaler internal design are critical factors to impact on the deposition profile. Advanced simulation with sophisticated algorithm is a very helpful tool and is employed for inhaler design and its performance evaluation. 

Combine and correlate data from simulation and in-vitro deposition, overall inhaler performance can be improved through adjustment of some key elements of inhaler by Chance's unique knowledge of powder-device interaction.

Ideal inhaler has the following key characteristics:

l  Easy to use and cost effective

l  Less inhalation flow dependent 

l  Smart with digital communication function

Based on accumulated data from numerical simulation, in-vitro and clinical PK studies, IVIVC for some important inhalation products are being evaluated and studied which could significantly reduce overall time and cost for product development.